“Matale Mass Grave: The Investigation Has Been Taken Away From The Judiciary” by Colombo Telegraph

“Legal circles are surprised that the investigation has been taken away from the judiciary which is mandated by the Criminal Procedure Code to oversee such investigations. The legality of investigations by a Presidential Commission which has no powers under the Criminal Procedure Code, needs to be examined, a criminal lawyer told Colombo Telegraph.

In the mean time, the Chaturani de Silva, the Magistrate who conducted the investigation into the matter has been suddenly transferred to Colombo. The transfer of the Magistrate is not part of annual transfers and is intended only to prevent an effective investigation into the matter. The transfer of Magistrates is within the powers of the Judicial Services Commission headed by the de-facto Chief Justice Mohan Pieris who was previously the adviser to the Defence Ministry and the Cabinet. His close association with Secretary to Ministry of Defence Rajapakse is well known.”

via: http://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/matale-mass-grave-the-investigation-has-been-taken-away-from-the-judiciary/

source: Colombo Telegraph

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