FUTA’s petition to save sri lankan schools and universities

FUTA – the Federation of University Teachers’ Associations is waging a struggle to save free state higher education in Sri Lanka. They are staging an islandwide continuous strike since 04th July. Leading figures in FUTA such as Dr.Nimal Ranjith Devasiri have received serious threats from government supporters. University students are also backing the FUTA struggle.

FUTA is demanding fundamental reforms to university education and for FUTA to be involved in these reforms and to increase government spending which has dramatically reduced under the Rajapakse regime – to 6% of the GDP.

FUTA has launched a campaign to collect a million signatures to support their struggle save schools and universities to stay state supported, so that the children of ordinary and poor people can have access to school and higher education.

They need our support. You can become a member of FUTA on its facebook site, and please see link below to sign the petition, and the petitionand FUTA’s demands are in English, Sinhala and Tamil.

You do not have to be a Sri Lankan to sign the petition.


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