International Conference “Buddhism & Australia 2013” on 23-25 January 2013

Buddhism & Australia is pleased to inform you that the 2nd International Conference Buddhism & Australia will be held on 23-25 January, 2013 in Perth, Western Australia. Acknowledging the history of Buddhism in the region, the main goal of the conference is to research and investigate the buddhavacana, without the referene to any particular schools or disciplines such as Theravada, Mahayana or Vajrayana. The 4 working panels in 2013 will focus on followings: 1) History 2) Philosophy 3) Texts (Sutras, Tantras, commentaries, translations ) 4) Open topics related to Buddhism like Buddhism in Contemporary Society, Buddhism & Contemporary Astrophysics ,” Buddhism in Europe etc.

All Buddhists, researchers, scholars, students and members of the general public interested in Buddhism, and other relevant subjects such as Archaeology, Buddhism History, Buddhist art, Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhist Literature, Manuscripts, Inscriptions, etc., are cordially invited to present their papers in this coming conference.

Working language will be English. The time for paper presentation is 30 min Papers to be presented in the conference will be published in conference website.

Deadline for Abstracts: 25 November 2012 Deadline for Full-Article: 25 December 2012

Organizers An author and organizer for Buddhism & Australia conference is Vello Vrtnu, the Head of Estonian Nyingma and Buddhism & Australia Inc , who has been organizing International Conferences Buddhism & Nordland in Europe since 2006 ( Vello Vrtnu is the founder of Buddhist tradition and the first Nyingma movement in Estonia (1982), builder of the first stupas in northern Europe, internationally recognized thangka master and author of an online Estonian Nyingma Buddhist Encyclopedia. In 2010 Vrnu started his activities in Austral-Asian region, organizing Buddhist conferences, an art exhibitions, an online Buddhist History of Australia, an online Buddhist Encyclopaedia of China etc. The first conference Buddhism & Australia took place from 2-4th of February 2012 in Murdoch university and was a great success. Participated academics and Buddhist scholars from 16 countries around the world and the conference covered a large variety of topics, which clearly indicated the direction for the next years

To register To participate in the conference Buddhism & Australia 2013 please submit an abstract of your paper (max 500 words), CV (max of 2 pages) by the following e-mail: Payment of the conference fee of 1800 AUD should be made by 25 December 2012. ! Earlybird registration fee of 1600 AUD is possible until 10 December 2012. Please find details:

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