Issue of South Asian Review on Sri Lankan Anglophone Literature

The December 2012 issue of the South Asian Review is a special issue on Sri Lankan Anglophone literature and it is now available.  This special issue of the South Asian Review was edited by Maryse Jayasuriya and Aparna Halpe.

The Table of Contents is attached and also pasted in below.

Those who wish to order a copy (for $15) can do so by emailing Lindsay Dankmyer, editorial assistant at SAR, at:  For more information on SAR subscriptions, see;  there are also order instructions at this website.

SOUTH ASIAN REVIEW, Volume 33, Number 3, December 2012

Table of Contents

Editor’s Column                                            9

Guest Editors’ Column                                 13


Contestation, Marginality, and (Trans)nationalism:
Considering Sri Lankan Anglophone Literature

Maryse Jayasuriya and Aparna Halpé                       17


Romancing the Environment: Romesh Gunesekera’s
and Heaven’s Edge

Shalini Jain                                                              29


Michael Ondaatje’s Sri Lanka in
The Collected Works of Billy the Kid

Marilena Zackheos                                                  51


History as a “Well-Told Lie” in Michael Ondaatje’s
Running in the Family

Saradha Balasubramanian                                      71


Indigenous Development in Sri Lankan Literature:
Punyakante Wijenaike’s The Waiting Earth

Nicola Anne Robinson                                              89


“No Place Called Home?”: Representations of Home
in Chandani Lokugé’s If the Moon Smiled and
Roshi Fernando’s Homesick

Neluka Silva                                                          109


“Enormous Cracks, Towering Mountains”:
The Displacement of Migration as Intimate Violence
in Sri Lanka-Australia Migration Narratives

Isabel Alonso-Breto                                               125


Betting on Fiction: Nation, Diaspora, Technology,
and Anglophone Literary Networks in
Shehan Karunatilaka’s The Legend of Pradeep Mathew

Brian Yothers                                                         139


Uncertainty and the Future: A Reading of V.V.
Ganeshananthan’s Love Marriage

Grant Hamilton                                                      155


The Queer “Outsider”: Family and Sexuality in Shyam
Selvadurai’s Swimming in the Monsoon Sea

Kaustav Bakshi                                                      171


I Have Not Painted the War: Art and Abiding in
Roma Tearne’s Mosquito

J Edward Mallot                                                    193


Devotees, Dissidents, Sceptics, and Romantics in the
Sri Lankan Campus Novel in English: A Study of
The Days We Wished Would Never EndAn English Education
 and The Ginirälla Conspiracy

Walter Perera                                                        217


Rebirth of a Nation or The Incomparable Toothbrush:
The Origin Story and Narrative Regeneration in Sri Lanka

Minoli Salgado                                                      239


Fear of Ethnic Reconciliation the Reason for Post-War
Media Censorship in Sri Lanka

J. S. Tissainayagam                                                 257


The Factory is Like the Paddy-field: Gam Udawa
Performances, Ethnicity and Neoliberalism in Sri Lanka

Nimanthi Perera-Rajasingham                                275


A Fox’s Wedding: Sitting Down with Michael Ondaatje

Aparna Halpé                                                          295


Drawing Maps of Pain: An Interview with
V.V. Ganeshananthan

Dashini Jeyathurai                                                 305


“Writing is not a unilateral act”: An Interview with
Vivimarie VanderPoorten

Maryse Jayasuriya                                                 315


The Novelist and Censorship:
A Sri Lankan-Australian Perspective

Chandani Lokugé                                                   327


“my teacher talks of a sri lankan English”: questing the literary

Sivamohan Sumathy                                               339


Rethinking Translations from a Postcolonial Perspective

Chelva Kanaganayakam                                        349


Book Reviews                                                  

R. Cheran. You Cannot Turn Away.

Reviewed by Indran Amirthanayagam                    363


Nayomi Munaweera. Island of A Thousand Mirrors.

Reviewed by Stephanie K. Dunning                          367


Chandani Lokugé. Softly, As I Leave You.

Reviewed by Chelva Kanaganayakam                    370


Ru Freeman. A Disobedient Girl.

Reviewed by Poornima Ranawana                          373


Sumith Ganguly and William Thompson, eds. Asian Rivalries: Conflict, Escalation and Limitations on Two-Level Games.

Reviewed by Ann Rea                                              376


Malcolm Lyall Darling. At Freedom’s Door.

Reviewed by Michael T. Williamson                       379


Biographical Notes                                   385

source: AISLS

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