Website on “Robin Tampoe (1935-2000), Sri Lankan filmmaker at the cross-roads of cultures.”

Mr. Robin Tampoe
A new website has been created on the life and times of Sri Lankan filmmaker of Tamil origin, and one of the pioneers of Sinhala cinema
 Robin Tampoe. Tampoe made a significant contribution to early Sri Lankan cinema in the Sinhala language. His career straddles two contrasting periods in the islands cinema history and marks the shift from South India to Ceylon as the site of shooting Sinhala films. He was also witness to efforts made by the government to purge the local industry of foreign and Indian influence.  Although he worked in the melodramatic style, Tampoe stands out as one of the rare ethnic Tamil Sri Lankan director making films in Sinhala. Most of his films were blockbusters, made between 1960 and 1970, when Sinhala ethnocentric feelings were running high, with pressing demands for the sinhalization of the cinema industry. The popularity of his films also attested to the cross-cultural reception of film by Ceylon’s multi-cultural population.
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