Call for editors for a Sri Lanka volume of new writing in English

Following the publication of five anthologies of new writing in English from around the world in its World Englishes Literature
(Fiction) series (WELF), CCC Press is now calling for an editor(s) of a Sri Lanka volume of new writing.

The WELF series focuses on the production of new writing in English, specifically new World Englishes fiction – a term which is defined in the introduction to each collection. The volumes are compilations of short stories which range from 3,000 to 10,000 words in length, allowing a country’s writers to explore a variety of contemporary themes and concerns as well as exhibiting the linguistic diversity of the land in question. The imprint as a whole explores writing which is beyond the postcolonial. This stance diverges markedly from anthologies compiled using already published (and recognized) literature, as well as anthologies which are compiled from « the Western armchair ». Most of the writers presented in the anthologies will not be known to the Western reader and also possibly not even to many readers in their own countries. This is a basic aim of the series: to promote new, emerging writers, often unknown to the West, writers who have not been « endorsed » by Western publishing houses The WELF series has so far published anthologies of stories from Cameroon, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Malaysia and you can preview the World Englishes Literature series here: This editorial opportunity is particularly suited to those interested in the role of language in literature.

The deadline for applications is: 30 September 2013.
For full details and the application form, please see

Emma Dawson Varughese

source: AISLS

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