« India cannot think like Western nations » by S. Ratnajeevan H. Hoole

Yet, plans for CHOGM on Sri Lankan soil continue under the primary case that Sri Lanka must be engaged by Commonwealth member-states to help her correct course. However, when a neighbour rapes a householder’s wife and kills his children, can he argue that the neighbour must be engaged? For minor offences such a principle would work, but not for the major ones that Sri Lanka stands accused of. In this case, the primary duty of the CHOGM is to protect and safeguard the people, rather than the system of solidarity among member-states.

Britain, the primus inter pares among the members of the Commonwealth, is vulgarly rushing to participate in the CHOGM meeting. David Cameron says that he will push for accountability in Colombo, something, I note, he can do even from Downing Street. Verbal entreaties made while rewarding the Sri Lankan President with the Chair of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group, constitute active encouragement to do nothing.

Via http://www.ceylontoday.lk/59-46851-news-detail-india-cannot-think-like-western-nations.html

Source: Ceylon Today

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