“Scars of Sri Lanka” by Al Jazeera

The civil war in Sri Lanka ended in 2009 with the victory of President Rajapaksa’s forces over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), but there are claims that abduction, torture and even rape of suspected former fighters or sympathisers continues today.

Despite government claims of peace, torture and abductions continue to be used to stifle ethnic and political dissent. Read full article via Al Jazeera here –http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/101east/2013/12/scars-sri-lanka-2013122492410187367.html

“As Sri Lanka moves forward and tackles the good, bad and ugly of globalisation as well as its internal policies and practices, we need to question our own assumptions, going as far as too penly acknowledge the limited impact and sometimes hugely detrimental consequences of human rights debates oriented more towards the international community.”

Written by Sanjana Hattotuwa, Senior Researcher, CPA published in The Sunday Leader, 19 April 2009 the article Framing Human Rights can be accessed herehttp://www.cpalanka.org/framing-human-rights/

sources: Al Jazeera and CPA

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