“Opportunity to get involved with Roots of Diaspora project” by Sinthujan Varatharajah

Interested in becoming involved with Roots of Diaspora? Here’s one option how to: Become a story collector for Roots of Diaspora for 2014. As a collector, you’d be in charge of scouting interviewees and conducting the interviews with Tamil refugees and migrants (or supervising them if they are between parents – child/ren or other relatives). You’ll liaise with interviewees and the editors, be able to do follow up interviews and pass on the raw interview material to the latter. Our editorial team will from thereon be in charge of writing up these stories. As a collector, you’d ideally be able to speak (or at least understand) Tamil (not necessary if interviews can be conducted in a second language; you don’t need to be ethnically Tamil to be involved as a collector), be commited to the work load and submit your interview results according to schedule (a submission schedule will be given to you in accordance to your availabilities). Each collector is expected to submit 2 to maximum 3 stories in 2014 (can vary according to need). Since we’re trying to diversify our intake, origin of stories, migratory content, we’re especially, but not exclusively, interested in collectors from Scandinavia, Southern and Eastern Europe, West Asia (also known as the “Middle East”), South Asia (esp. India), Southeast Asia, all of Africa, South America and Australia. If you aren’t based there, but have relatives, friends and other connections to any of these places, feel encouraged to become part of this project. We are, however, interested in all stories of migration and refuge, so if you think you are best suited for regions that weren’t mentioned in the above, please don’t hesitate and get in touch with us as well. Stories from all walks of life and places are of value and interest to us. As this project is run a voluntary basis, no pay can unfortunately be offered. If you can’t commit to becoming a collector, but have stories to share or know people who have stories to share, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We appreciate your help. For further information or enquiries, contact us under: rootsofdiaspora@gmail.com or sinthujan.varatharajah@gmail.com

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