“A list of Commissions and Committees appointed by GoSL (2006- 2013)” by Centre for Policy Alternatives

January 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka: The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) has produced a table that contains basic information pertaining to Commissions of Inquiry (CoI) and committees appointed by the Government since coming into power in November 2005. Section I of the table examines the CoI and Section II contains information pertaining to key committees established during the specific time period.

The Commissions listed in this document do not include those established by the National Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka except for the special hybrid inquiry proposed in collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat.The commissions and committees listed in this document are limited to those where information was publicly available as of 9 December 2013.

Download the document from http://www.cpalanka.org/a-list-of-commissions-and-committees-appointed-by-gosl-2006-2013/

source:  Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA)

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