“UK let SAS veterans coach Sri Lanka in 1984” by Phil Miller

“The British government had “no objection” to retired SAS officers training security forces in Sri Lanka three months after India’s 1984 Golden Temple massacre, recently released government papers show. The disclosure comes days after documents emerged that an SAS officer advised India on a plan to storm the temple in Amritsar, the Sikh religion’s holiest site. It widens the debate over Britain’s role in the Golden Temple raid, revealing how Downing Street allowed former and serving special forces soldiers to help counter separatist movements across south Asia.”

via: http://www.jdslanka.org/index.php/2012-01-30-09-30-42/politics-a-current-affairs/430-uk-let-sas-veterans-coach-sri-lanka-in-1984

source: www.jdslanka.org

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