“Laments from a Lacerated Terrain” by Malathi de Alwis, in Journal of Postcolonial Cultures and Societies 4, 2 (2103)

we would like to share a link to read and download Malathi de Alwis’s last article, “Laments from a Lacerated Terrain”, published in Journal of Postcolonial Cultures and Societies 4, 2 (2103)



This is a collection of Sri Lankan women’s poetic responses to the varied forms and kinds of violence they have experienced during the protracted civil war in the north and east of Sri Lanka, that spanned almost three decades (early 1980s to May 2009) and during the youth uprising that took place in the south of the island, from 1987 to 1993. The Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim, and Burgher/Eurasian women represented here not only live(ed) and work(ed) in disparate regions of the island resulting in divergent experiences of the war but they also differ(ed) from each other in terms of class, caste, religion, language and sexual orientation. While all the poems may not be equivalent with regard to literary merit, what they do have in common is their ability to move, inspire, provoke, and challenge.

source: http://writingbeyondthemargins.org/journal-of-postcolonial-culture-and-societies/2013-3/special-issue-2-2/

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