“Reception of Buddhism in Lanka: An entanglement with worldly sovereignty ?” by Sajeeva Samaranayake

Buddhists of Lanka need a worldview and sense of self that is not devastated by the likes of Kalinga Magha, western colonial powers and colonising politicians of the present day. They cannot be enslaved to old forms that clothe self-interest, greed, caste, hatred and parochialism. They must strive to make a living adaptation of the Buddhist message for their own time and place by returning to the path. A timeless teaching cannot be trapped in verbal formulas and hackneyed ancient ceremonies. Those are for followers – not leaders; and a Buddhist is never the follower of another person or a blind imitator of tradition.

Via http://groundviews.org/2014/02/10/reception-of-buddhism-in-lanka-an-entanglement-with-worldly-sovereignty/

source: Groundviews

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