Tamil Students Initiative – Unrestricted: Caste and Religion, on 18TH March 2014, with Sinthujan Varatharajah as guest speaker


UNRESTRICTED is a series of talks created by TSI with a simple aim: to start talking about things that have been brushed under the carpet. It is an opportunity to start conversations on real but all too often avoided or unseen issues impacting countless Tamils today.

In this second instalment of the UNRESTRICTED discussions we will discuss the effects of caste and religion within the Tamil community. It is sponsored by TCHA and TRAG and organised by Imperial College London.

In this discussion, we hope to explore the origins of the caste system and the effects it has had within the Tamil population.

We are proud to announce Sinthujan Varatharajah as our guest speaker: a PhD Candidate in human Geography at UCL. He specialises in migration and refugee studies and has done extensive research into caste. We hope to explore Sinthujan’s research findings and understand what it means to be discriminated based on caste.
Sinthujan is also the the co-founder of the Check Your Caste Privilege tumblr page. More recently, he has founded Roots of Diaspora, a project dedicated to detailing the never told stories and hardships of migrants around the globe.

Here at TSI, we believe that it is important to create a space to talk openly about our thoughts, ideas and opinions in a comfortable environment, in this spirit the discussions are open to students only and are designed to be enjoyable yet thought provoking.

Join us at Imperial College London in South Kensington and enjoy scintillating conversation over some drinks and snacks.


VENUE: G16, SAF Building, Imperial College London, South Kensingston, SW7 2AZ

TIME: 6pm – 8pm


Students ONLY

source: https://www.facebook.com/events/608263785921833/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

Tamil Students Initiative is a student-led union with the intention of bringing together Tamil Societies in Universities all over the UK.
The purpose of this organisation would be to aid, develop, and unite Tamil students, while also engendering a greater sense of community amongst the youth.

The key goals of this union would be to:

GROWTH – Encourage growth of Tamil culture

SOCIETY DEVELOPMENT – Aid the development of Tamil Societies within all universities

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT – Provide students with a platform to help their progression through higher education

COMMUNICATION – Create a forum for Tamil youth to communicate and develop their personal portfolio

COMMUNITY – Allow the youth to express their individuality amongst their peers and become part of a growing Tamil fraternity

TSI, while a student initiative, also aims to be representative of all Tamil youth, providing opportunities to develop skills needed within the corporate world.

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