2nd volume of Ben Bavinck’s diary “Of Tamils and Tigers: A Journey Through Sri Lanka’s War Years”

We would like to bring to your attention anew book on Sri Lanka, volume 2 of Ben Bavinck, Of Tamils and Tigers: A Journey Through Sri Lanka’s War Years (Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2014).

The first volume, which was published in 2010, covered the period 1988 through 1994.  Valentine Daniel’s foreword to this volume noted that Bavinck’s diary entries provide ‘a record of what he had seen and has now witnessed; an emotionally charged landscape that was at once subtle and plain, complex and transparent, objective yet interpreted. This diary is a gift, not only to the historian and research scholar, but to every (Sri Lankan) citizen, whatever be the state with which he or she chooses to identify himself/herself with.’

The second volume covers the period 1994-2004, when Bavinck was mostly in Jaffna.

Both volumes have been made available through the efforts of the Rajani Thiranagama Memorial Committee.
source: AISLS

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