“The two Main Candidates have Placed only the Sinhalese and their Future well-being at the Centre of the 2015 Presidential Elections” by Tamil Civil Society Forum

This statement by the Tamil Civil Society Forum is being released to clarify our stance with regard to the upcoming Presidential Elections to be held on the 8th of January 2015.

It is beyond debate that the Tamils have suffered immensely under the incumbent President’s regime. It was under his rule that the worst and most destructive chapter of the genocidal process against the Tamil people was carried out. Even after the end of war his Government continues to ferociously implement a multi-faceted genocidal programme that aims at destroying the collective existence of the Tamil people. The suffering of the Tamil people continues unabated in the form of land grab, Sinhala Buddhisisation, Militarisation, violence against ex-combatants, illegal arrests etc. Hence the question of Tamil people voting for the incumbent President just does not arise.
via: https://t.co/ANyOuvf8m5

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