REVUE SAMAJ n°10 / Ideas of South Asia / Symbolic Representations and Political Uses

SAMAJ is pleased to announce the publication of its tenth thematic issue:

South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal

Ideas of South Asia
Symbolic Representations and Political Uses

edited by Aminah Mohammad-Arif and Blandine Ripert


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Introduction. Imaginations and Constructions of South Asia: An Enchanting Abstraction?
by Aminah Mohammad-Arif

‘India, that is Bharat…’: One Country, Two Names
by Catherine Clémentin-Ojha

India in the Muslim Imagination: Cartography and Landscape in 19th Century Urdu Literature
by Faisal Devji

A Strange Love of the Land: Identity, Poetry and Politics in the (Un)Making of South Asia
by Sudipta Kaviraj

Poetics and Politics of Borderland Dwelling: Baltis in Kargil
by Radhika Gupta

Impasse and Opportunity: Reframing Postcolonial Territory at the India-Bangladesh Border
by Jason Cons

Anthropology, Politics, and Place in Sri Lanka: South Asian Reflections from an Island Adrift
by Jonathan Spencer

Thinking India in South Africa: Gandhi’s Conundrum
by Claude Markovits

The Construction, Mobilization and Limits of South Asianism in North America
by Anouck Carsignol

From South Asia to Southasianism: A Nepalese Activist’s Perspective. An interview with Kanak Mani Dixit
by Blandine Ripert

Afterword. On Region and Nation
by Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Other recent publications:

Free-Standing Articles

Cosmopolitan Soirées in Eighteenth-Century North India: Reception of early Urdu poetry in Kishangarh
by Heidi Pauwels

Murder in the Andamans: A Colonial Narrative of Sodomy, Jealousy and Violence
by Manju Ludwig

Contesting Consensus. Disputing Inequality: Agonistic Subjectivities in Rural Bihar
by Indrajit Roy

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Book Reviews

Judith Pettigrew, Maoists at the Hearth: Everyday Life in Nepal’s Civil War
by Dan V. Hirslund

Tapan K. Ghosh, Bollywood Baddies: Villains, Vamps and Henchmen in Hindi Cinema
by Imke Rajamani

Thinking the Difference: On Feminism and Postcolony [review essay]
by Anne Castaing

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Previous thematic issues:

9 | 2014
Imagining Bangladesh: Contested Narratives
edited by Benjamin Zeitlyn, Manpreet K. Janeja & José Mapril (SAMAJ-EASAS Series)

8 | 2013
Delhi’s Margins
edited by Radhika Govinda (SAMAJ-EASAS Series)

7 | 2013
The Ethics of Self-Making in Postcolonial India
edited by Uday Chandra & Atreyee Majumder

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