Feminist South Asia Pre-Conference

The Feminist Pre-Conference will be held in the Wisconsin Ballroom (Madison Concourse Hotel) on Thursday October 11, 2012.

This conference is focused on Location as a temporal and spatial category. It hopes to generate a vigorous international and interdisciplinary discussion on issues to do with he body, governance, traffics, representation. Abstracts can be found here.

8:45am Opening Remarks from Coordinators Srimati Basu and Indrani Chatterjee

9am The Body as Site, Object and Subject
Kumkum Roy
Daud Ali
Lucina Ramberg
Jessica Birkenholtz
Discussant & Chair: Anjali Arondekar

10am Dislocation and Violence
Poulami Roychowdhury
Catherine Warner
Inderpal Grewal
Discussant & Chair: Sukanya Banerjee

Coffee Break

11:15am Gender, Time and Action
Rochisha Narayan
Uditi Sen
Wendy Singer
Poulami Saha
Discussant & Chair: Rina Williams


2pm Enclosures and Beyond
Nethra Samarsinghe
Janaki Abraham
Hafsa Kanjal
Discussant & Chair: Kamran Ali


3:30pm Government by Abstraction

Geeta Patel and Elida Jacobsen
Jyoti Puri
Debarati Sen and Sarasij Majumdar
Shubhra Guruani
Discussant & Chair: Mrinalini Sinha

5-5:30pm Concluding Remarks by Srimati Basu and Indrani Chatterjee

source: http://southasiaconference.wisc.edu/events/preconferences.html#SriCinema

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