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Submissions are now being taken for the fourth issue of Rangoli, our online magazine.. We are looking for poems, short stories, book reviews, photography, interesting articles and pieces of creative art. We are particularly keen to recieve submissions related to South Asian Literature and art forms. Also, we invite your ideas for interviews Be part of this great magazine which believes in promoting literature and encourages the cause of the written word! For more details and to discuss any queries write to Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Assistant Editor, Rangoli

We do not pay for the submissions recieved and believe in spreading literature across boundaries. You would have an opportunity to be read widely and be a part of a growing literary community.

About Rangoli : Rangoli is Kala Kahanis much coveted online magazine and operates from the United Kingdom. Kala Kahani meaning the story of art is now in its 10th year of providing a forum for specifically South Asian art forms, to promote, develop and cultivate an appreciation of literature, theatre, dance, music and the visual arts.

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Sneha Subramanian Kanta
Assistant Editor
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