Conference Feminist Preconference on ‘Location’, Madison, Wisconsin, 11 October 2012


8.30 am: Opening Remarks: Srimati Basu and Indrani Chatterjee

I. The Body as Site, Object and Subject :

Kumkum Roy, “Bodies in Texts, Bodies in Classrooms”

Daud Ali, “The State and Gender Formation in Early India”

Lucinda Ramberg, “Dalit Futures: Emancipation, Citizenship, and Sexual

Jessica Vantine Birkenholtz, “The Politics of Gender, Location, and

Identity in a Nepali Goddess Tradition”

Discussant-chair: Anjali Arondekar

II. Dislocation and Violence

Poulomi Saha, “(Ins)Urgent Archive: Historicizing Revolutionary

Catherine Warner, “Sex, Revenge and State Lines: Punishing Adultery as
Boundary Making in 19th century Nepal”

Inderpal Grewal, “Outsourcing Patriarchy: National Anxieties and Media
in the case of ‘Honor Killings’ in India”

Discussant-chair: Sukanya Banerjee

III. Gender, Time and Action

Rochisha Narayan, “Producing Mughals in Colonial Banaras”

Uditi Sen, “Rescuing Women or Constructing Selves: ‘Lady Social
Workers’ and Women’s Rehabilitation in Post-partition India”

Wendy Singer, “Seeing Themselves as Others See Them: Mayawati,
Jayalalithaa and Crafting Images of a Woman Politician”

Poulami Roychowdhury, “Migrating Feminists: Mediation and the Politics
of Scale in Contemporary Rights Practice”

Discussant-chair: Rina Williams

IV. Enclosures and Beyond

Nethra Samarawickrema, “The Screen and the Fort: Muslim Women’s
Postcolonial Adaptations of Space”

Janaki Abraham, “Mapping Locality: Gender, Space and the Production
of Neighborhood Cultures in Towns in India”

Hafsa Kanjwal, “Placing Kashmir: Gender, Social Status and Mobility
in a Kashmiri Woman’s Autobiography”

Naisargi Dave, “Death and Family: Queer Archives of the Space Between”

Discussant-chair: Kamran Ali

V. Government by Abstraction

Geeta Patel-Weston and Elida K. U. Jacobsen, “Space, Place and Number:
The Politics of Location and the Case of the U.I.D.”

Jyoti Puri, “Sexuality, Space, State”

Debarati Sen and Sarasij Majumder, “Saving Land for Son’s Futures:
Locating Gendered Politics of Value in Anti-Neoliberalism”

Shubhra Gururani, “‘Out of Place, Out of Sorts’: Multiple Dislocations
in India’s Urban Peripheries”

Discussant-chair: Mrinalini Sinha

5.15 – 5.30 pm: Concluding Remarks

The Preconference has been made possible by the assistance of the South Asian Studies Council at Yale University, the South Asian Studies Center at Stanford University, the South Asian Studies Center at University of Pennsylvania, the South Asian Studies Center, University of California at Berkeley and South Asian Studies Program at Brandeis University .

Venue: Wisconsin Ballroom, Madison Concourse Hotel.

source: H-Asia

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