Sinhala Film Festival 2017 at the International Centre for Ethnic Studies

The International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) has organized a Sinhala Film Festival  celebrating old and new films  at the ICES Auditorium, 2, Kynsey Terrace, Colombo 8.     Following are the films to be screened at 430pm.

July 17 – Sath Samudra – Sri Gunasinghe

July 21 –  Delowak Athara – Lester James Peiris

July 28 –  Viragaya – Tissa Abeyesekera

Aug.4   –   Suddilage Kathawa – Dharmasiri Bandaranayake

Aug.11 –   Machang – Uberto Pasolini

Aug,18 –   Dadayama – Siri Gunasinghe

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« Film: Determining Futures, women in Trade Unions in Sri Lanka » by Women and Media Collective

Sri Lanka’s Trade Union women leaders are a driving force in the lives of working women due to the constant trials and struggles encountered in the workplace. Marred by gender discrimination and sometimes violence women in the past have had to step forward and speak up for their rights. This led to the emergence of trade unions for women particularly in the Free Trade Zone, Fisheries, Plantation and Healthcare sectors.

The film ‘Determining Futures’ looks at the situation of trade union women from across the country. It takes you through the lives of four Trade Union women leaders and how they work towards making a difference in their lives as well others.


PODCAST: CMEV Press Briefing on Presidential Election

A press briefing was held by CMEV today at the JAIC Hilton around the monitoring operations for the Presidential Election, which will be held on 8th January 2015. Recordings of the briefing are embedded below. Please note that the Q&A segment doesn’t always pick up the question posed to the panellists. Their answers however give a strong indication on what was asked of them.

The four tracks cover the press briefing in English by Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, in Sinhala by D.M. Dissanayake and in Tamil by Mani Maran.


English translations of the Sinhala reading passages in the Gair/Karunatilaka Literary Sinhala textbook now available on the AISLS website

The English translations of the Sinhala reading passages found in the Gair/Karunatilaka LITERARY SINHALA textbook (1974) are now available in a pdf file on the AISLS Instructional Resources for Sinhala and Tamil webpage.  There is no cost to download the file for personal use.  This should be especially useful for those using the textbook without an instructor.

‘No protests says Daily Mirror’, from Ravaya newspaper, 1st August 2014

Ravaya flags today that Daily Mirror threatened its own journalists to not participate in a media protest held on 31st July, noting that they would lose their jobs if they did so. See English translation of the article here –


« ‘පිට අයයි ගැහුවේ’ අලුත්ගම සිංහල හා මුස්ලිම් වැසියෝ » by BBC

Eyewitnesses talk to the BBC about violence in Aluthgama

you can read more under the video—

Eyewitnesses talk to the BBC about violence in Aluthgama

you can read more under the video here

source: BBC

Report « Attacks on Places of Religious Worship in Post–War Sri Lanka » by CPA

Four of Sri Lanka’s most senior hardline Buddhist monks appeared in court Monday accused of insulting the Koran, in the first such case following a spate of religious hate attacks.

Read full story via

Since the end of the war there have been high-profile incidents such as the attack on the Mosque in Dambulla in April 2012, however other incidents, have received little or no public and media attention. This has resulted in a limited understanding of the scale and nature of these incidents.

This report published on 09 March 2013 documents incidents of attacks on places of worship in Sri Lanka since the end of the war in May 2009 and discusses the broader context of such attacks.

Read report here –

Download the report in Sinhala here.

Download the report in Tamil here.


« ‘Census on human and property damages due to conflict’: Critical points, translation & scanned version » by Social Indicator

The Census on human and property damages due to conflict – 2013.

Download the full questionnaire in Sinhala and Tamil as a PDF or high-resolution images, the only English translation of it at the moment in the country and a critique of significant shortcomings here:


Clearing up inconvenient Hindus and laundrymen in Colombo (Groundviews)

A recent short-form video (in Sinhala) produced by Vikalpacaptured, for the first time, the voices of these laundrymen speaking about their lives, families, work, memories and experiences. Vikalpa‘s video and accompanying photos highlight the extreme hardship of lives so easily erased, trammelled and forgotten – now being moved en masse because, post-war, there are too many SUV’s coming to see Sri Lanka’s President.


sources: Groundviews and youtube

« Le Trésor » (Nidhanaya) retrouvé

Le chef d’oeuvre cinématographique de Lester James Peries, Nidhanaya (Le Trésor), présenté en 1972 et dont il n’existait que des copies usagées, va pouvoir être restauré, grâce à un double du négatif retrouvé au service des archives cinématographiques nationales indiennes de Pune, alors que l’exemplaire conservé à Sri Lanka était gravement détérioré. Ce film avait obtenu le Lion d’Argent à la Mostra de Venise en 1972. Sous-titré en français, il a été présenté à plusieurs reprises en France par la Cinémathèque et au festival de Deauville (2001), ainsi qu’à la télévision, et figure parmi les films étudiés dans les écoles françaises de cinéma. Il s’agit du plus original et du plus achevé des films du grand réalisateur sri-lankais, qui vient de fêter ses 94 ans.
On peut lire le récit de cette redécouverte dans

Basic safety tips and security guidelines for Facebook and web based social media

Basic safety tips and security guidelines for Facebook and web based social media, now with Tamil and Sinhala translations.

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No copyright. Please share widely.

Source: Groundviews