“PM Cameron Meets CM Wigneswaran In Jaffna” by S.Sivathasan

Knowing full well that a very productive meeting will take place between two stalwarts in a face to face engagement, I spoke to Chief Minister on 15thnight. He was happy to speak quite precisely about the path breaking discussion he had with Prime Minister Cameron.

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“In Tamil Sri Lanka, Cameron promises justice” by Channel 4

David Cameron flew to the Tamil dominated north of Sri Lanka to see – and hear – for himself the allegations of human rights. Jon Snow asked him whether he thinks his presence at the summit can influence President Rajapaksa.

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“Sri Lanka: Cameron pushes for international war crimes inquiry” by Theguardian.com

“Cameron said on Saturday: “Let me be very clear. If an investigation is not completed by March, then I will use our position on the United Nations human rights council to work with the UN human rights commission and call for a full credible and independent international inquiry.”

March is when the commission next meets to assess Sri Lanka’s progress on addressing human rights abuses, including allegations of war crimes. In the past the country has refused to allow the UN unrestricted access to the former war zones.”


source: Theguardian.com

“Cameron ‘good to his word’ in tackling Rajapaksa on human rights” by Channel 4

David Cameron met Sri Lanka’s president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, for a one-to-one meeting on Friday afternoon, following his return from Jaffna, in the Indian Ocean island’s former conflict zone.

Channel 4 News understands that the encounter was “pretty lively”, and the 45 seconds’ worth of television footage that has been released is revealing.

The prime minister is shown leaving the meeting, brushing past Sri Lanka’s high commissioner to London, who tried to engage him in conversation, before pacing past the camera with pursed lips. There is a strong sense from the pictures of the meeting having been brusque, curt and frosty.

A source who was present at the bilateral said the British prime minister had “repeatedly and robustly” raised war crimes allegations, human rights and freedom of the press.

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