“Sri Lankan doubts on loans, submarines seen as rebuff to Beijing” by Megha Rajagopalan

If last week’s visit to Beijing by Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera was meant to allay fears that the island nation’s new government was distancing itself from China, it failed.

via: http://news.yahoo.com/sri-lankan-doubts-loans-submarines-seen-rebuff-beijing-141625354.html;_ylt=AwrBJR78B_VUzVsAnYHQtDMD

“What Sri Lanka’s Presidential Election Means for Foreign Policy” by Frederic Grare

The international community could also play a positive role in Sri Lanka’s progress toward reconciliation. Sri Lanka’s relations with the United States and Europe were notoriously bad during the Rajapaksa regime, but the election creates the opportunity for a revision of U.S. and European policies vis-à-vis Sri Lanka.

To help control corruption and promote reconciliation, it may be time to consider relieving some of the pressures on Sri Lanka applied by the United States and Europe. Gradually unfreezing development aid and giving Sri Lanka enhanced trade benefits under the GSP+ trade agreements if Sri Lanka works toward achieving genuine reconciliation and fighting corruption could be steps in the right direction.

via: http://carnegieendowment.org/2015/01/16/what-sri-lanka-s-presidential-election-means-for-foreign-policy/hzh0

“New President in Sri Lanka Puts China’s Plans in Check” by The New York Times News Service

On a Sunday four months ago, a vessel pulled unannounced into Sri Lanka’s Colombo harbor: the Chinese Navy submarine Great Wall No. 329, which is designed to carry torpedoes, a cruise missile and a 360-pound warhead.

via: http://www.ndtv.com/article/world/new-president-in-sri-lanka-puts-china-s-plans-in-check-646675

Accords sino-sri lankais pour la construction d’un satellite de communication sri lankais et l’entrainement d’astronautes pour des missions dans l’espace par Shirajiv Sirimane

Shirajiv Sirimane vient de rédiger un article en anglais, sur le site en ligne dbsjeyaraj, annonçant la signature d’un accord entre Colombo et Beijing afin de permettre à Sri lanka d’avoir, grâce à l’aide chinoise, son propre satellite et de former des astronautes sri lankais en vue de futures missions dans l’espace. Pour plus d’informations veuillez cliquer le lien ci dessous pour accéder à l’article de Shirajiv Sirimane.