“The ‘Post-colonial Grip’ and ‘Class Domination’: Sinhalese Upper and Middle Classes” by Dr. Siri Gamage

Thus class and political domination go hand in hand. To get out of this situation of domination and be free, the masses in all classes need to first understand the nature of this ‘post-colonial grip’ and its bases carefully crafted by the political class over a period of time, how it disenfranchises and disempowers the population in the lower classes, and what to do to change the situation by transforming the self-serving political culture? By the same token, one has to carefully examine the nature of contemporary surplus extraction and public wealth appropriation processes plus the causes and conditions of poverty.

Via http://groundviews.org/2014/02/16/the-post-colonial-grip-and-class-domination-sinhalese-upper-and-middle-classes/

source: www.groundviews.org