“Film: Determining Futures, women in Trade Unions in Sri Lanka” by Women and Media Collective

Sri Lanka’s Trade Union women leaders are a driving force in the lives of working women due to the constant trials and struggles encountered in the workplace. Marred by gender discrimination and sometimes violence women in the past have had to step forward and speak up for their rights. This led to the emergence of trade unions for women particularly in the Free Trade Zone, Fisheries, Plantation and Healthcare sectors.

The film ‘Determining Futures’ looks at the situation of trade union women from across the country. It takes you through the lives of four Trade Union women leaders and how they work towards making a difference in their lives as well others.

via: http://womenandmedia.org/film-determining-futures-women-in-trade-unions-in-sri-lanka/

Report “Discriminating Against Excellence: Abuses in Recruitment Practices at the University of Jaffna”

“The most prevalent form of abuse documented is in the selection of probationary lecturers (or assistant lecturers), resulting in the most highly qualified candidates such as First Class degree-holders being systematically excluded from consideration or denied positions.”

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source: http://jfnusta.blogspot.fr/2014/07/httpsdrive.html?spref=fb

“In Sri Lanka, Muslims replacing Tamils as perceived enemy” by Rosie Dimanno

“Cellphone cameras captured the ugly scene: Muslims being chased through the streets by maddened Buddhists.

The vandals had just attacked a mosque in the Grandpass neighbourhood on the capital’s outskirts, falling upon Muslims at Friday prayers, smashing windows, then pursuing the worshippers with clubs, hurling stones. At least five people were hospitalized.”

via: http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2014/01/13/in_sri_lanka_muslims_replacing_tamils_as_perceived_enemy.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

source: www.thestar.com