““We don’t want aid, just give us back our land” – The displaced at Mallakam Konappulam Camp” by Thiagarajah Nirosh

“One of the larger areas of focus in the Report of the “Lesson’s Learnt and Reconciliation Commission” (LLRC) and the subsequent National Plan of Action of the LLRC is land. Though recommendations have been made with regard to land ownership and the “extents of private land” that is being “utilized for security purposes”, there are several civilians who are yet to have access to their land.

The former residents of the villages of Mayilitty, Kangesanthurai and Palali who have been living in temporary shelters since the year 1990 are among the many who await the day their land will be released to them. Mallakam Konappulam camp in Valikaamam North, Jaffna for the displaced is one such camp in which these former residents are residing. Facilities in this particular camp that holds approximately 424 individuals belonging to 127 families are poor, making the people’s demand to go back to their homes even greater. Watch the video for their story.”

To watch the vidéo: http://vimarsanam-vimansa.org/report/we-dont-want-aid-just-give-us-back-our-land-the-displaced-at-mallakam-konappulam-camp/

Source: Vimarsanam-vimansa.org