“War on Halal-labelled products: The worst economic hit man now in town” by W.A Wijewardena

It is strange that a nation with a majority of Buddhists has not understood properly what the Master has preached. It is stranger when some in that nation commit unwholesome acts in the name of the Buddha for the protection of the esteemed Dharma he has left behind for the posterity to follow for their own good irrespective of whether they are his followers or not. But it is not the strangest thing to observe here in this Buddha’s land. That is the silence of those erudite Buddhists who know of the Master’s Dharma properly and failure to speak up when they see the worst type of economic hit man being armed and released to prowl freely.

Via http://www.ft.lk/2013/02/26/war-on-halal-labelled-products-the-worst-economic-hit-man-now-in-town/

Source: www.ft.lk