“Crossover Politics, Political Class and the Craving for Positions (tanaturu)” by Dr. Siri Gamage

“At present there is much drama regarding the cross overs from the ruling coalition to the opposition and vice versa on the political stage. On one hand these cross overs have generated much interest in the political campaign in general and anticipation about who would cross next kind of mentality on the other. Little we realise that these cross overs are happening within the same ‘political class’ which has been formed primarily during the post independence politics in the country-though some players have lineage to historical political figures who were active in politics during the pre 1948 period. One aspect of these cross overs relates to the concepts of positions (tanaturu) and privileges (vara prasada). These have to be examined in the country’s historical and sociological context for a better understanding.”

via: http://groundviews.org/2014/12/27/crossover-politics-political-class-and-the-craving-for-positions-tanaturu/

“Ingirunthu official trailer” (English)

“A Sri Lankan Tamil Film (2013), Directed by Sivamohan Sumathy on the upcountry plantation community, their lives, history and political struggles. ‘It was the film’s promise of artistic excellence that led to its selection; cinematically it demonstrated innovative and accomplished story telling’- Susan Weeks Coulter for Global Film Initiative, California, USA”

via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8uhjNph628

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