“News from Jaffna” by Aljazeera

“If the situation became precarious, I could always take a flight to my other home, the UK, but this is obviously not an option for your news reporter in the north.

Since returning to Sri Lanka, I often wondered what my life might have been like had my family not left. Would my life be so different from the journalists I met at Uthayan had my family stayed in Jaffna?”

Via http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/viewfinder/2014/09/news-from-jaffna-2014926135629688613.html

Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation Awards Kannan Arunasalam of Sri Lanka 2013 Prize for Documentary Short Film, Opens 2014 Grant Call for Entries

In its inaugural debut, The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film today awarded Sri Lankan journalist and filmmaker Kannan Arunasalam its first annual prize for best documentary ‘short-short’ film. The foundation also announced the opening of the 2014 call for entries for outstanding work in documentary photography and documentary film.

Selected by the executive board of the foundation, Kannan Arunasalam will receive a US$5,000 prize for best documentary short film. His film, The Story of One, documents the lives of a priest and a boy as it attempts to trace what happened to them 22 years after their disappearance during the time of violence at the hands of security forces and among strife between Tamil Tigers and Muslims gangs in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

Via http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/manuel-rivera-ortiz-foundation-awards-kannan-arunasalam-sri-lanka-2013-prize-documentary-1854174.htm

source: www.marketwired.com