“Sri Lanka’s Tragedy: Time For Stock Taking” by Latheef Farook

Election time has always been a period of amusement in Sri Lanka where democracy continues to erode ever since independence in February 1948.

One such item which sums up the tragedy fell on the island since independence was a baila song in the YouTube by Sunil Perera under the title The Gypsies “Kiyanne Gothala”. This 4 minute 48 second song summarises how once stable and prosperous Sri Lanka was ruined by corrupt racist politicians.

Sunil even goes to the extent to state that this country would have been better off had the British remained here. He provides sufficient food for thought for those who believe in a Sri Lanka where all communities could live in peace and harmony.

via: https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/sri-lankas-tragedy-time-for-stock-taking/