“Fisher war in the Palk Strait ” by Sunday Observer

“Nearly three or more days a week, about 2000 Indian trawl boats or more are crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line to fish on the Sri Lankan side of the Palk Bay in the north. The northern fishers of Sri Lanka, who started to fish after the cruel civil war which kept them away from fishing for nearly 30 years, face strict competition from the poaching Indian trawlers, who steal their fish and damage their nets. More recently (on the 27th of February 2015) more than 80 Indian trawlers crossed the Maritime Boundary Line and started trawling near Kaddaikadu in the east coast of the Jaffna peninsula, stealing the resources of the local fishers, damaging their nets and even attacking them. They came prepared for an attack and carried arms and explosives. The levels of force used and deprivation of the rights of northern fishers of Sri Lanka are unacceptable. Both their right to fish and the right to live are violated. Enough is enough!”

via: http://www.sundayobserver.lk/2015/03/15/fea04.asp

“India and Sri Lanka release fisherman” by Al Jazeera

India and Sri Lanka have released over 100 fishermen, imprisoned in each other’s jails for trespassing a maritime boundary. Fishing in the Palk Strait, a body of water that separates the two countries has been a long running dispute between the two neighbours. Al Jazeera’s Nidhi Dutt reports from Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India.

via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P5pEpqafK8

source: Al Jazeera