“Sri Lanka : Bring up the bodies” by The Economist

Meanwhile, northern Sri Lanka continues to feel like a land under occupation, with an all-pervasive military intelligence snooping on Tamils deemed to be suspicious. The government says it is cutting by nearly a third the large numbers of soldiers stationed in the north since the war. A successful provincial election in September produced a local government led by a Tamil opposition party. Though it enjoys only grudging co-operation from Mr Rajapaksa, progress towards reconciliation is still possible. But the country’s bloody past has still to be accounted for.

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“Sri Lanka bars US envoy as president lashes out at proposed UN war crimes resolution” by South China Morning Post

Sri Lanka has refused a top US rights official entry to the country, just days after another senior envoy alleged Colombo’s rights record was deteriorating, the US embassy said on Tuesday.

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source: www.scmp.com