“Sociology at the University of Ceylon” by H.L. Seneviratne, in Social Affairs, Vol.1 No.7, 74-87, Fall 2017.

Here is a link to an article published by H.L. Seneviratne, in Social Affairs, Vol.1 No.7, 74-87, Fall 2017.


ABSTRACT: For eight years after its establishment in 1948, the Department of Sociology remained in the ambiguous terrain of being both an independent department and a subordinate partner of the Economics Department. In that role Sociology supplied courses for students in Economics who wished to choose it as their ‘Special Subject’ within Economics. Sociology also supplied a few courses for the Sinhala and Philosophy departments. This paper narrates the story of how the two major figures to chair the Department of Sociology during this period contributed in their own ways to facilitate the passage of Sociology to the status of a degree-granting department, ending its ambiguous, anomalous, and liminal state

“Tamil Undergrads In Sabaragamuwa University Under Threat” by Colombo Telegraph

“Notices containing threats to Tamil students had also been put up in the hostel premises the same night ordering all Tamil students to leave the premises within the next 10 days. The notice states those who dare defy the order would be shot to death and any females will be raped. These threats have escalated the climate of fear that prevails among students of Tamil ethnicity in the Sabaragamuwa University.
Students say this is not the first instance of anti-Tamil sentiments have been propagated within the University. A similar incident had occurred on July 11 where notices containing racist statement against those of Tamil ethnicity had been strewn around the university.”

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Report “Discriminating Against Excellence: Abuses in Recruitment Practices at the University of Jaffna”

“The most prevalent form of abuse documented is in the selection of probationary lecturers (or assistant lecturers), resulting in the most highly qualified candidates such as First Class degree-holders being systematically excluded from consideration or denied positions.”

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“The niqab and the University of Moratuwa” by Fathima Sahar

My attire offers an alternative – an alternative that demands that I be judged for who I am than for how I look. The University and its Senate may not agree with this. But certainly I am ready for the debate but the Senate has run-away from it and banned the niqab altogether – even without a proper hearing. Certainly that is not something that a University should do.

Via http://groundviews.org/2013/12/09/the-niqab-and-the-university-of-moratuwa/

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